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Our current openings are for consulting/permanent positions in Florida.

Java/J2EE Resumes

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Your Skills Highly Skilled Effective None
Java Web Integration
Core Java and MVC architecture
HTML Markup
SQL Server Database
RAD or Eclipse


PCP Technology Revitalization (TR), Distribution Channel (XFORM), PCP Support Scope of work: Java development for a revenue generation system. Web development (JSP, Javascript) including core Java & J2EE application development. Ability to work in a team environment on numerous fast paced projects under tight deadlines

Required skills/competencies

BS Degree
Excellent understanding of Java Web Integration, Core Java and MVC architecture. Good working knowledge of JSP, Javascript and HTML. Understanding of DB2/SQL Server database queries and stored procedures

Preferred Skills

Java/J2EE, Struts, HTML, JSP, JSTL, Javascript.
Knowledge of RAD or Eclipse is desirable.
Knowledge of Struts, Tiles, AJAX and/or JSON a plus.
At least 5-6 years of Java Experience

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Java/J2EE Resumes

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